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Mom and dad of woman sexually attacked by Tinder rapist Glenn Hartland state application should cease serial offenders

By Avani Dias, Ange McCormack and Ali Russell

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The mother and father of a female who was sexually attacked by a serial rapist just who she fulfilled on Tinder get called for they to cease letting sex offenders to remain on application.

Key points:

  • A person called the „Tinder rapist“ establish numerous pages to lure ladies of the internet dating application
  • The parents of a single prey, that won her own living, say Tinder will have to do way more to give up serial culprits
  • Cops say without required identification affirmation it is becoming impractical to lessen an offender from produce a number of users

Glenn Hartland got called the „Tinder rapist“ and last year is sentenced to about 14 ages in jail for raping three female and indecently assaulting another. Weiterlesen