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For Chinas homosexual males, Dongdan Park in Beijing provides haven. Though same-sex wedding is not legalized, Chinese news frequently report on high-profile home that is gay and homosexual partners getting wedding certificates in the us

In 1984, Ning Guofeng, a.k.a. Lady Paris, had been arrested by police after visiting Dongdan Park in Beijing the time that is third ended up being faced with hooliganism in seven years. Delivered to a work camp for 36 months, Ning, now 77 and referred to as Granny Paris, nevertheless keeps time for the scene of their so-called crimes.

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Its like house, said Ning, whom earned their nickname that is exotic in 1960s after having a dalliance with a cook from Paris who was simply doing work for the French Embassy in Beijing. We can talk freely in what weve been hiding from our families and co-workers.

For over three years, Dongdan Park, one mile east of Tiananmen Square, has drawn men that are gay across Asia. Some seek a long-lasting love interest, some a one-time intercourse partner, other people relationship.

China decriminalized homosexuality in 1997 and eliminated it from the list that is official of health problems four years later on. Though same-sex wedding will not be legalized, Chinese news regularly report on high-profile homosexual house weddings and homosexual partners getting wedding certificates in america.

However for numerous homosexual Chinese, it’s still tough to buck pressure that is social look for a partner associated with the opposite gender and possess young ones. Weiterlesen