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Mosques and Islamic Identities in Asia. The great investments tracks joining medieval Eurasia by land and ocean contributed Islam, like Buddhism centuries early, to China

This article belongs to the line “All About China”—a trip in to the record and various customs of China through essays that highlight the long lasting imprint of Asia’s recent encounters on your Islamic community together with a search of more and more lively and complex mechanics of contemporary Sino-Middle east interaction. Learn more .

The best trades ways hooking up medieval Eurasia by land and beach introduced Islam, like Buddhism years early, to Asia. Anywhere between 20 and 40 million Muslims—reliable info continues to be elusive—now live in China. The two know many different formal and unofficial ethnical identifications because of diverse origins of Islam in Asia and also the challenges of recent Chinese cultural strategies. The construction of Asia’s mosques, both old and latest, demonstrates this variety. This essay discusses the emergences of mosque structure in south China, when you look at the earlier crucial capitals, as well as in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous domain from first moments as many as the modern day. Weiterlesen