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Aircraft Pilots Do Connect-upward With Flight Attendants, Declare Flight Attendants

Carry on week, men and women gotten that heavier reply off visitors after we posed that question in order to sometimes or perhaps not aircraft pilots hop in sleep plus flight attendants all the time as well as traveling together. My friend, Pilot Mike claimed he’d never completely seen it, but some concerning your responded also stated otherwise. Let’s consider per limited away from ones responses.

Do Aircraft Aircraft Pilots Link-up To Journey Attendants? An Flight Pilot Answers

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My individual buddy Mike* actually First Officer at your nearby airline here in each U.S. He’s graciously consented in order to

Absolutely, such do hook boost:

Abacaxi: As an former journey attendant which freshly resigned: COMPLETELY, they actually do hook-up and trip attendants often. I cannot trust this person mentioned he includes never viewed it. Not just do aircraft pilots link upward with their attendants and/or passengers these fulfill regarding on routes, random a woman at pubs hotels etcetera. Equivalent goes of trip attendants, rather many who have in fact countless men that they discover inside of a variety of places. everyone was indeed warned inside classes exactly how in most cases this one comes about as well as that inside lower providers, believe every person will find out regarding so it. Its a hectic life plus alone one, at threat of numerous ingesting in layovers. Additionally, that it showed up including almost many of many aircraft pilots which was indeed married- were actively cheating inside attempting to cheat on top of his or her wives. we learned the one flight, his or her aircraft aircraft pilots spouses came together in order to stress company in to reserving assorted accommodations for Attendants including aircraft pilots in order to avoid this one. Weiterlesen