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Why Tinder sucks: cold, difficult figures & exactly how it may draw less

In the event that you’ve been making use of Tinder for any timeframe, you’ll oftimes be thinking about one thing such as:

“Does Tinder suck simply for me personally, and for everyone else?”

Tinder sucks for pretty everybody that is much. Most frequent reasons would be the low quality of conversations or focus that is too much real attractiveness and never on character. Tinder sucks many for normal dudes since guys outnumber female users 2:1 and because women can be a great deal more selective than guys. This leads to guys getting very few matches, and a time that is frustrating with the software.

The section that is first why Tinder is an unhealthy experience for both genders. The second part covers why dudes in specific have actually a very hard time in the software.

The third part provides some science and information proven how to enhance a Tinder profile, particularly for dudes. Weiterlesen