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That’s the entire point of the rebound: He’s hoping to get throughout the discomfort of losing your

just exactly just what the both of you had. While the harder you notice him pressing the relationship that is new the greater yes you will be that he’s actually struggling using the loss in you in their life.

For all dudes, the pain sensation of the breakup is definitely a lot more than they’re ready to perform some work of pressing through and processing. Because of this, they panic, consciously or otherwise not, and attempt to force closeness and help somewhere else to change just what they’ve simply destroyed.

Therefore if they can push the newest relationship ahead quickly, that is his means of wanting to both reduce steadily the discomfort he is feeling and change the intimacy and psychological connection he’s lost.

It’s the exact same explanation you may see him investing most of their time because of the new girl: since when he is alone he’s got a way to recognize what he’s just lost, and have the connection he’s lost to you, in which he does not wish to have that processing time, since it’s painful, in which he doesn’t like this. Weiterlesen