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I am CJ, and I also’m an Erotic rub Therapist.

Now I work in a massage parlor if you don’t know what that is. Ever drive by among those places having a red neon sign that says „SPA“ and wonder how are you affected behind those blackened windows? Well I’m gonna tell ya my therapeutic massage parlor secrets! We’ll educate you on exactly what a „Pleased Ending“ is and all sorts of the small tricks i take advantage of to provide one. So simply lay right back, unwind, and i’d like to do my work. And don’t forget – we work with recommendations.

Stupid Beginner Mistakes – or Just Just Just What To Not Do In A Massage Parlor

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On the weekend I experienced to get rid of 2 newbies simply because they had been being such dipshits. After all, i possibly could utilize the business similar to the next woman, but you can find a few breaches of etiquette (and degrees of stupidity) that simply cannot be forgiven. wets this that i am speaing frankly about.

In terms of having your ending that is happy are particular actions that may kill the offer. Look – this might be a shady company to start out with so might there be certain things we should do in order to protect both me and you. But then you’ll be merrily on your way to enjoying your first erotic massage if you newbies out there follow my advice.

Regarding the mobile When in the phone, the very first Rule of erotic therapeutic massage is never discuss erotic therapeutic massage. Period. For no reason should you enquire about choices, extras, or whatever little perversions float your ship.

I will discuss on the phone are: door fee, hours we’re open, and which girls are working that day if you call up, the only things. Me“what type“ of massage we provide, my pat response is „relaxing. if you ask“ and when a caller asks SOMETHING regarding extras, we automatically react with „we do not accomplish that here“ and we hang up the phone. I’m not sure what amount of times I find yourself hanging through to a newbie every week simply because they pull that stupid shit on the telephone. Weiterlesen