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Glen Powell Is solitary and seeking for somebody who Likes Dancing on Tables

The single thing all intimate comedies have actually in accordance? They celebrate the 2 things everyone else desires in com and life—rom, needless to say. To honor that, we’re devoting a entire week to the genre. More on the rom-coms we love, previous and present, right right here.

Whenever Glen Powell starred as being a slick finance bro who finds love (for both himself and their miserable boss) in last summer time’s breakout Netflix hit arrange it, it became clear that the Texas native found his lane—or one of his true″ alt=“hongkongcupid recenzГ­“> lanes, we must say. The 31-year-old ended up being instantly dubbed A web Boyfriend, and headlines like “Glenn Powell Is the superstar You’ve Been Waiting For” seeped into every part of your news feeds.

The rom-com ended up being this type of success that Powell along with his Set It Up costar Zoey Deutch instantly reteamed aided by the film’s screenwriter on another future Netflix film, tentatively called Many Dangerous Game. Then there’s the forthcoming love that is epic again and again. But Powell, who’s additionally making the go on to big-budget action alongside Tom Cruise in next June’s Top Gun: Maverick, is convinced he’s maybe not almost because smooth as their onscreen figures with regards to love. Difficult to believe, we understand.

Therefore we invited Powell to answer our Inappropriate concerns, Glamour’s column that asks most of the cheeky, somewhat off-kilter material best saved for an extra (or even better, third) date. Learn his dating victories and fails, tequila-spiked hangover cure, dance celebration guidelines, and much more.

Powell in Install It