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I’m Pregnant. + Advice on Relationships and Parenting from a Billionaire.

Hi readers that are sweet

I’m pregnant! 14 days become precise. I’ve been MIA for a long time now. A lot of other activities are using priority– like using a few naps a time and searching for meals that does not make me personally gag lol.

Which reminds me, I’m getting kinda hungry (again) therefore I need to get this to quick prior to the nausea sets in.

Nate and I also are super excited become inviting our very very very first youngster. We invested New Year’s Eve in a billionaire’s penthouse!(How? Another tale for the next time) anyhow, we felt actually away from destination for the part that is most. Like we had simply stepped into an bout of Gossip woman and Serena along with her rich buddies all stared at us even as we moved in. whom are these individuals perhaps maybe not wearing couture?

haha. Nevertheless the savior was that after we really chatted to Mr. Billionaire, he had been quite inviting, type, hot, and downright a good host.

He additionally possessed large amount of advice to offer us, and being an advice columnist, needless to say I happened to be all ears!

Here’s just just what I got from the priceless talk to Mr. Billionaire:

In the key to a pleased marriage-

“You understand, I’ve been hitched 29 years, and I also inform you, I’m more in deep love with my partner than I’ve ever been. The secret is don’t get stagnant. You need to do things that are different and never get bored. Carry on adventures. decide to try things that are new. In the event that you don’t, you’ll get in a rut and you’ll think it’s result in married this individual. But that is not the case. We all get too comfortable. You gotta snap out of the and constantly look for newness, as if you did whenever you had been very first courting!”