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All profit/loss results include realized/unrealized gains/losses nor integrate duty, revenue, benefits or compounding.

Additional economic reviews ahead this week that may be market movers:

Tuesday: Summer Personalized Profits, June Buyers Expenditures, June Manufacturing Plant Purchases

Tuesday: FOMC Conference, July nstitute of Supplies Control Companies State

Wednesday: Monthly Jobless States, July Pending Property Earnings

Area Spotlight

Monthly Leaders: Residence Structure, Monetary, Insurance Policies

Weekly Laggards: Golden, Resources, Foreign Currencies

A Possible Sea Modification

Wall Neighborhood Market Selector Analysis

All profit/loss figures consist of realized/unrealized gains/losses and never consist of fees, income, returns or compounding.

Tuesday: June Major Money Indications

Tuesday: May Homes Price

Wednesday: Fed Beige Reserve

Saturday: Active Room Sales

Arena Limelight

Weekly Leaders: Property Quality, Financials, Regional Banking Institutions

Weekly Laggards: Oil, Merchandise, Agriculture

Circumstances Are Getting Alarming

Wall Neighborhood Area Selector Analysis

Field Selector Update

July 13, 2008

Industry Selector Traditional Present Roles:

Entrance Go Out: Spots: Entrance Costs P/Lper cent

5/26/08: Pos#1: $41.61 +10.4percent