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Ithenticate at Caltech: Understanding Similarity Reports and Indexes

The Similarity Report while the Similarity Index

Similarity Report

The Similarity Report provides a general similarity breakdown for every single distribution to your iThenticate database.

This breakdown determines the percentage of similarity from a distribution and content existing when you look at the database associated with the text comparison device, iThenticate.

  • Accessing the Similarity Report
  • The Document Viewer can be looked at in four various modes. These modes permit you to see and sort the knowledge included in the Similarity are accountable to suit that is best your requirements. The four modes for viewing a Similarity Report are:
    • Match Overview: (show highest fits together): a listing of all certain regions of the paper that have similarity to information when you look at the chosen search repositories
    • All Sources: Allows a person to look at matches between your paper and a specifically chosen source when you look at the content repositories.
    • Match Breakdown: shows matches which are obscured by a source that is top.
    • Hand and hand Comparison: a close view that displays a document’s match contrasted hand and hand utilizing the initial source content through the content repositories. Weiterlesen