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Ita€™s an excellent service, but undoubtedly believe that it is one of the better techniques to satisfy Colombian girls, both interior and exterior of the country.


No Colombian Cupid assessment would be total without discussing your competition.

Very, that happen to be additional biggest members in online dating services in Colombia?

Perfectly, there have been two key your: Tinder and Badoo

Leta€™s discuss them, shall most people?


Tinder could very well be the known dating app around.

Tinder provides so many people, and holds more attractive females out of any internet dating software in Colombia (if you ask me). Ita€™s seriously really worth enrolling in a free account.

But ita€™s definitely not without its defects. Even though it possess many people, a massive proportion ones will be either inactive, or with the app for self-promotion. Youa€™ll find out countless a€?Follow me on Instagrama€? outlines on Tinder.

These women won’t answer emails, aside from meet up with people.