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I had several people lately let me know We’m the busiest person they know.

Flippant Filipina

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Discombobulated Discourse of a Flippant Filipina

The Busiest Person I Am Aware

certainly, i’m just like the person that is busiest, rather than into the busy body kind of means I had formerly been used to. Final was hell week, no exaggeration week. Work had been extremely busy and stressful through the time while my evenings were jam filled with research group sessions, papers to write and projects.

Almost every other week we have actually all day course on Fridays ( one other days they are on Saturdays) so fundamentally I have to cram a whole week’s worth of work with 4 days and wrap up my research in a quick week. Ugh. It doesn’t assist that I t k a 3-day week-end over President’s Day week-end to get ice climbing with 16 of my best friends ( most of whom nevertheless are o).

So I totally scored on my birthday celebration. K got me a GPS (which he is currently used backcountry without me personally) and a shiatsu massage chair (yeah, my back’s still bad). My mom and friend both purchased me purses. My S-I-L got me a massage, my M-I-L bought me a pedicure and roses. Weiterlesen