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Yes, there is certainly certainly a town called „Fucking“ in Upper Austria, its certainly spelled like this and also this isn’t any laugh.

it’s likely you have run into Fucking before in your lifetime, as comedians choose it as soon as in a bit and Fucking appears to be one of several favourite items to glance at on the web with all the „Bing Earth“ virtual sightseeing community. Therefore fundamentally we realised that there?s no real way getting around Fucking being Austrian myself and doing a web site in the nation. I’d like to begin with the last.

Fucking in Austria has an extended history: Its record dates that are oldest back again to 1070. When I have actually stated during my article in regards to the reputation for Austria, Bavarian tribes migrated to the area of what exactly is north Austria today into the century that is 6th. Right now you are able to nevertheless observe far they got (before they encountered Slavonic settlers in the Southern) by villages and towns that end in the suffix of „-ing“ or „-ig“. This suffix relates to „community“ or „people“. One of several Bavarian noblemen migrating into Austria ended up being a guy called Focko. I really do maybe maybe not discover how he got their title but hope which he ended up being pleased with it.

This is of Fucking finally Revealed

The settlement he ruled over described him once the landlord with its name: „Fockoing“ consequently implied „community or individuals of Focko“. Weiterlesen