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300 Norma Mag a€“ Ballistics and grade evaluation, 300 Norma Mag Background

Ita€™s not different from stating, a€?Hey dudes, leta€™s quit the 300 gain mag for that 6.5 creed for our sniper platform. Lol

End up being a person and make recoil or wear your very own wifea€™s muzzle break. In the event that you dona€™t understand how to use the recoil, it is likely you needs to have the weapon your recording.

Can I estimate we in the foreseeable future ? I love the a€?be a mana€? part and especially the a€?put in your wifea€™s muzzle brakea€?.

Sorry to cancel your statistics however it’s essential to provide consistency as soon as talking about ballistics so you can approach this discipline with specific number. Not merely exactly what generally seems to have today’s biased quality.

The 300 Norma Magnum with a 220 grain bullet recorded at 3000 feet per moment at sea level stay supersonic to 1950 meters. Never to 1500 meters when you maintain within your write-up.

The 338 Lapua with a 270 cereal bullet (b.c. 0.757) at 2900 ft . per second at sea-level (how frequently do photos take place at sea-level in high altitude of Afghanistan, we wondera€¦) object supersonic to 1925 meters. Weiterlesen