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University of Ca at San Diego, Hillcrest, California. Technologies has changed the way men-who-have-sex-with-men

Nadir Weibel

Institution of California at San Diego, North Park, California

Davey M Black

Institution of Ca at Hillcrest, North Park, California



Technology has evolved the way men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) find gender; ?60% of MSM across the nation search on the internet for intercourse business partners, largely via Grindr™ the a large number of made use of online dating software among MSM. Research currently have got mostly analyzed Grindr™ need as a dichotomous adjustable and located inconsistent listings relating to connections with increased HIV risk tendencies. Notably, Grindr™ “on-screen” movements is examined by phones and certainly will give an objective measure of app consumption. Right here we planned to evaluate Grindr™ “on-screen” sports in MSM having community-based HIV and sexually transmitted problems (STI) screening in San Diego, in order to correlate interest with erotic possibility habit and ingredient use. Weiterlesen