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RDM Server – Raima’s client/server DBMS originally released in 1993, known as RDS (Raima Database Server), Velocis, and lastly RDM Server. Nevertheless supported for existing customers.

Read-only deal – A Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) feature enabling database information become read by one procedure without blocking another procedure’s modification of this data that are same. Usually called a „snapshot.“

Real-time – a environment that is real-time one by which certain tasks needs to be fully guaranteed to perform inside a specified time period. For a DBMS to be looked at certainly real-time, it should be in a position to perform particular database-related tasks in an occasion which can be deterministically demonstrated—i.e., the case execution time that is worst are demonstrated. Just because a general-purpose DBMS relates to dynamic information where the sizes of tables differ with time, and because DBMS reaction times rely on the total amount of information become processed they can not be viewed real-time. This is certainly real additionally for RDM. It really is real-time friendly, since it is fast, has a little impact and it has features (such as for instance digital tables and in-memory storage space) that allow it to be utilized in useful methods in a real-time application. Weiterlesen