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An Investigation of Racial and cultural Homophily on Grindr among a continuing Cohort Study of YMSM

Paul Salamanca

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People possess sex with guys (MSM), and especially MSM of shade, were disproportionately afflicted with HIV. Previous research shows that MSM has highest degrees of racial/ethnic homophily (the disposition for those to possess love-making with others which discuss exactly the same racial/ethnic detection) in erectile dyads, which can allow make clear HIV disparities. This study fills a hole in previous studies i thought about this by grounding community records from a cohort study of younger MSM in Chicago (RADAR) through the contexts of virtual spaces (VSs) and evaluating variations in degrees of racial/ethnic homophily using multilevel-logistic-regression types. Success demonstrate that Grindr differs from some other VSs in dimension of racially/ethnically homophilous dyads by lover racial/ethnic identity. After managing for common homophily styles, gender relationships developed on Grindr by Ebony MSM comprise even less likely to be homophilous than those of light MSM. Weiterlesen